Anne, Hilary, and Molly had a stack of posters to hang for the play.  They divided the posters evenly among themselves.  After they had each hung six posters, the total number of posters left was the same as each person had to start with.  How many posters did each of the teachers have to start with?
There are four basketball games Saturday night.  Three sportswriters predicted the winners in the Saturday morning paper. 

1.  Perimeter picks the Raptors, Pacers, Magic, and 76ers.
2.  Exponent picks the Hawks, Pistons, magic, and Raptors.
3.  Helix picks the Heat, Pacers, Pistons, and Raptors.
4.  No one picks the Bucks.

Who Played Whom?

Hint:  Teams chosen by the same sportswriter did not play each other.

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