1.  Teli, Matthew, Ryan, and Cooper each had four dates with four different girls, named Annie, Sophie, Jill, and Ella.  On the second date Teli dated Sophie and Cooper dated Ella.  On the third date Ryan went out with Jill and Matthew went out with Sophie.  Jill went out with Teli and Annie went out with Matthew on the fourth date.  What couples went out together on the first date if no pairs went out more than once?
2.  Andrew has three times as many comic books as Nathan.  Nathan has two-thirds as many comic books as Jack. Jack has 27 comic books.  How many comic books does Andrew have?
3.  Friendly's Clothing Store bought handkerchiefs, six for $10, and sold them 4 for $10.  They made $60 profit.  How many handkerchiefs did they sell?
4.  You, in your new red Porsche, decide to make a 160 km trip to visit a friend, traveling at 80 km/hr.  You make the return trip traveling at a rate of 48 km/hr.  What was your average speed for the entire trip?
5.  The local gym has 2 kg and 5 kg disks for weight lifting.  Due to their budget this year they only have fourteen disks in all.  The total weight of the 2 kg disks is the same as the total weight of the 5 kg disks.  What is the total weight of all the disks?
6.  The points A, B, C, D, and E are located on a straight line in order.
-The distance from A to E is 20 cm.
-The distance from A to D is 15 cm.
-The distance from B to E is 10 cm.
-C is halfway between B and D.
What is the distance from B to C?
7.  What is the number I'm thinking of?  It is greater than 44 squared and less than 45 squared.  5 squared is one of its factors, and it is a multiple of 13.