1.  Teli designs a large arched doorway for the main entrance to the school.  The shape of the arch can be modeled by the equation

y = -0.04(x + 22)(x -22),  where x and y are measured in feet.

a.  How wide is the arch at the base?
b.  How high is the arch?
2.  Ella decides to plant a bulb garden in the Ruffing garden.  She wants the length of the rectangular garden to be 3 feet longer than its width.  The bulbs that she has will cover 88 square feet.  What should the length and width of the bulb garden be?
3.  Use the vertical motion model for this problem.  Jack releases a football when it is 6 feet off the ground, and the football has an initial upward velocity of 46 feet per second.  Seth misses the pass and the football hits the ground.  How long does it take for the football to hit the ground?
4.   Use the vertical motion model for this problem.  Sophie hits a volleyball when it is 4 feet off the ground.  The volleyball has an initial upward velocity of 32 feet per second.  Does the volleyball reach a height of 20 feet?  If so, how long does it take to reach that height?
5.  Morgan wants to make a scale drawing of her classroom.  The actual length of the classroom is 36 feet and the actual width is 32 feet.  In her drawing, the length of the classroom is 9 inches.  What should the width of the classroom in her drawing be?
7.  Arya is planning a 20 mile hiking trip in Australia.  Some of the trails she plans to hike are steep and some are relatively flat.  She averages 2 miles per hour on the steep trails and 4 miles per hour on the flat trails.

a.  Write an expression for the total time of Tori's trip.
b.  Write your answer to (a) as a single rational expression.
c.  Use your expression from (b) to determines the total time of the hike if Arya hikes 5 miles of steep trails.
8.  Cooper has made 27 free-throws in 45 attempts for a three-throw average of 60 percent.  How many consecutive free-throws must Cooper make to increase his average to 75?