On this page you will find links to handouts and documents you need to do your various science and math projects and experiments.
Science and math handouts
Four Question Strategy
Oral Presentation
Family Newspaper
Experiment Evaluation
General Experiment Outline
Fast food
Plant Experiment
Book Brochure
Consumer Reports
Project Design Diagram
How to write a report
Sample Data Table Format
Sample Line Graph
Scientific Method Rubric
Graph paper
Research notes
Opinion Poll.
The Big Dig
Hot Hand labquest
Hot Hand loggerpro
Birthday Candle
Rates of Change-Part 1
Rates of Change-Part 2
Classically Greek
What's My Rule
Exponential Functions
UV Light
Experimental Design Diagram
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
Barbee Bungee
Double Pendulum
Finding Factors Physically
Composting Lab
Math Rubric
Class Symposium
Science Skits
Number Lines
Oral Presentation Rubric
Seminar Questions
​M and M's