You and your family are the focus for the entire newspaper.
1. Name of paper:  Choose a unique or catchy name for your paper, perhaps incorporating your last name in the title.
2. News Features:  Write news items about those topics that currently concern your family.
3. Advertisements:  Write ads for any family items that you would like to see, buy, or trade, or for services that you might provide, such as babysitting.
7. Movies or Home videos:  Select a movie that you have viewed with your family, or a video made by your family.  Write a review, perhaps incorporating comments from other family members.
4.Editorial: Write an editorial concerning a topic that is of interest to your family.  Again, you might incorporate opinions of other family members.
5. Society:  Record the social news of your family, including family trips, events, dinners, or recipes.
6.  Sports and Music:  Write about family sports and music participation, including attending events.
Family Newspaper