Book Brochure
Page 1, Right Column
This will be the cover of your brochure. Include:
  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Illustrator
  • Graphic appropriate to the entire book

Page 1, Center Column
This will appear on the back of your brochure.
  • Other books by the author (list them)
  • If you like this book, you may like...(list them)
  • Short profile of the creator of this brochure (you!)

Page 1, Left Column
This will be the first column you see when you open the cover.
  • Graphic of a crucial event in the book.  (Describe it).
  • Caption for the graphic.
  • Genre or type of book.
  • Graphic representing the genre.

Page 2, Right Column
  • Recommendation for who may like to read the book.  Include age (grade) levels, areas of interest in the book, and a genre suggestion.
Page 2, Center Column
  • Review of the book.  This is your OPINION!  Tell about what you liked and/or didn't like about the book:  the style of writing, particular characters, your connection with the book, etc.
  • List the main characters and describe each one.
  • Setting(s) of the book including time and place.
Page 2, Left Column
  • Summary of the book.  This should include the main problem, who is involved in the problem, its possible solution, and the setting.  Do not give away the ending!  The summary is intended to raise the interest level and encourage the person to read the book.