Project:  You will create a 12-sided dodecahedron that shows information on various objects within the universe.

Requirements:  You need 12 pieces of paper in which to trace a circle with a pentagon.  On each of the twelve pentagons you will present information on one of the twelve topics listed below.

1.  Nebulas or the life cycle of stars.
2.  Super Giants
3.  Our star, the Sun
4.  Neutron Stars or White Dwarfs
5.  Big Bang Theory
6.  Black Holes
7.  Galaxies
8.  Supernovas
9.  Stars
10.  Comets
11.  Asteroids, the Asteroid Belt, Meteors
12.  Title Page

Each page will include the following:
  • At least 5 items of information about the universe project.
  • Picture of object
  • Title of object

The following links may be of help.