Projects A

1.  EcoSystems Interactions quiz

2.  Smog City

3.  Food Web

4.  Food Web  II

5.  Deer:  Predation or Starvation

6.  Weather and Whooping Cranes

7.  Predator Prey Relationship

 8. Ecology Lab

9. The great Plant Escape

Project B

You will conduct a controlled experiment on some topic life science related.  You will need to pick a topic that interests you; put your topic into a question that can be answered by your research; find background information about your topic so that you can predict an answer to your question; make a hypothesis; complete a project design diagram; conduct your experiment (complete experimental design diagram); analyze the data your collect; display data, and finally write a report.

Project  C

Study the following PowerPoint Presentations

1.  Ecology
2.  Ecology Introduction
3. Ecology Review
4.  EcoSystem: Energy Flow

Project D

You are to write an ABC book of Ecology.  The book must be at least 27 pages.  One page for each letter of the alphabet plus a title page.  Each page must contain at least five facts (sentences) and at least one drawing or picture.
Some page examples are listed below.

A.  abiotic
B.  biotic,  biome,  biosphere,  biological community,
C.  community,  consumer,  carnivore,  cycle,  carbon cycle,  competition, commensalism,
D.  decomposer,
E.  ecology,  ecosystem, environment,
F.  food chain, food web,  freshwater ecosystems,  food pyramid,
G.  greenhouse effect,
H.  habitat, herbivore,
I.  intertidal zone, immigration,
K.  keystone species,
L.  life,  limiting factor,
M.  marine ecosystems,  mutualism,
N.  nitrogen cycle,  niche,  natural resource,
O.  organism,  omnivore,
P.  population,  producer,  photosynthesis,  plant,  primary consumers, predator-prey,  parasitism,
R.  renewable resource, recycle,
S.  secondary consumers,  symbiosis,  succession,
T.  trophic levels,  tertiary consumers,  terrestrial ecosystems,
W.  water cycle,
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