Scientific Method
This assignment on the scientific method consists of three parts.
Part 1
Write a one or two page paper on the scientific method.  Your paper must do the following:
  • Answer: "What is the Scientific Method?"
  • List steps in the Scientific Method.
  • Look at different websites.  Identify any differences you may find.
  • Explain how scientists use the Scientific Method.

The following websites will help you find the information you need to write your paper.
Biology4Kids Reasoning in Science
Science Fair Central - The Scientific Method
The Scientific Method
Part 2
Select a Plant Experiment.
Before beginning the experiment you must complete an Experimental Design Diagram and a Project Design Diagram.  The Four Question Strategy may help you in the design of this experiment.
Part 3
The Scientific Method is the format of the science experiment you will do for your major science experiment.
These are the steps you need to follow:
  • Put your topic into a question that can be answered by your research.
  • Find out background information about your topic so that you can predict an answer to your question.
  • Analysis:  This is the data you have collected.  This information may be displayed in a table, graph, pictures, photographs, or a combination of all of these.
  • Conclusion:  Write a report.

Understanding and Using the Scientific Method
Steps of the Scientific Method