Research Proposal for an experiment dealing with plants

Choose one of the following topics for your plant experiment.

Project Ideas

1.How does moisture affect the sprouting of seeds?
2.Which type of light, sunlight or fluorescent light, allows more plant growth?
3.How does temperature affect the sprouting of seeds?
4.What happens if plants are grown under different intensities (wattage) of light?
5.Which type of fertilizer, organic or synthetic, allows more plant growth?
6.How does rotating a plant next to a window affect its growth?
7.How do different types of mulches (bark, newspaper, plastic, carpet, grass) affect weed growth?
8.How does fertilizer with either potassium, nitrogen, or phosphorus missing  afffect plant growth?
9.Does type of pot make a difference?
10.      Does the type of potting mix make a difference?
11.      What type of light, incandescent or fluorescent, allows more plant growth?

Your research proposal must identify the topic of the inquiry, hypothesis, independent variables, and constants. 

You have ten weeks to collect data from your experiments.  During this time we will review data collection, recording, and analysis.  We will also practice constructing data tables, graphing the data, line and bar graphs, and discuss how to interpret data and how it should be used to support or refute your hypothesis.

At the end of the ten weeks you will present your plant report including your experimental design, procedure, data table, graph, and conclusion to the class.