Genetics Projects
Cloning--The Basics
Genetics Disorder Research
Tour of the Basics
What Does Genetic Mean
How Genes Combine
After reading the material you can work out the probabilities that children will have particular phenotypes and genotypes.
Punnett Square Examples
Using Punnett Square examples you can work out probabilities for Monohybrid Crosses, Monohybrid cross with incomplete dominance, and Dihybrid crosses.
Human Eye Colors
Phenotypes and Genotypes for human eye colors.
Inheriting Eye Color
This two gene model does not explain most human eye color inheritance.  Human eye color is more complicated than this simplified two gene example.  Nevertheless, it is an interesting activity.
How are human eye colors inherited?
An explanation of the interactive eye color genetics calculator in 'Inheriting Eye Color' link above.
A good explanation of what we mean when we say that some trait has a genetic basis.
What does it mean to say that something is caused by genetics, that it has a genetic basis?  The websites below help answer these questions and give practice in determining genetic phenotypes and genotypes usins Punnett squares.
Genetic Disorders
Why Clone
Cloning Myths
History of Cloning