Four Question Strategy

1.  What materials are readily available for conducting experiments on plants?

Possible Answers:
Water    Fertilizer
Seeds   Containers

2.  How do plants act?

Possible Answers:
Plants grow.
Plants bloom.
Plants produce fruit.
Plants die.

3.  How can you change the set of plant materials to affect the action?

Possible Answers:
Water  SeedsContainers
Amount        Kind  Materials
Composition DepthNumber of holes
Scheduling   Spacing    Size
Source  Age  Shape
Method of application    Size  Location of holes

Soil  Light       Fertilizer
Kind Intensity  Amount
Amount    Source    Composition
Compaction      Color       Kind
       Schedule Schedule
              Method of Application

4.  How can you measure of describe the response of plants to the change?

Possible Answers: 
Measure the height of the stem.
Count the number of flowers.
Count the number of leaves.
Determine the color of the leaves.
Measure the diameter of the stem.