2.  Click on animation to observe movement of food from mouth toward stomach.  Read text on mouth, then close to view animation.
  • List the parts of the digestive system the pizza passes to move toward the stomach.
3.  Open the links to digestive system structures and move the mouse on the black-yellow-red-green marks on the diagram to learn the parts.
4.  Figure out your BMI and BMR based on your daily activities using the calories/hour calculator.
5.  In an excel spreadsheet creat a data table for all the foods you are eating.  Determine the amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and calories you are eating for an entire month.
6.  How Calories Work.  Find out what calories are and why we need them.  Also examine the relationship between calories and weight.
7.Write a Health, Fitness, and Nutrition newspaper.  
8.  The Organ Trail is an interesting activity that I am sure you will enjoy.  
Inner Body